5 Things to do in quarantine

Hey Everyone!!

I hope everyone is still being safe and enjoying this time at home as much as possible.

To help you enjoy, I created some ideas/things for you all to dive into while stuck in quarantine!

1. Read!

This is the perfect time to catch up on some reading (rather than just watching television). Reading allows for us to learn, escape from our current reality, and use our imagination. I also encourage my students (who complain about reading) to read something that they are truly interested in. For me, thats manifestation and law of attraction books, entrepreneur books, and "self help" books.

2. Self-Care

With all this extra time, it's great to really focus on ourselves. Doing skin care, exfoliating, meditating, hot oil treatments on our hair and so much more! Giving gratitude and writing in your journal. Keep up your image. Just because the nail salons are closed sis, and the barbershop is closed bros, we can still keep up our image. Remember when you look good, YOU FEEL GOOD!

3. Being Productive

Being productive can entail a variety of things. I urge everyone to remember or revisit their goals that they set at the beginning of the year. Now is a good time to start a blog or that youtube channel you always wanted to. Creating an online business or catching up on your craft or talent. The opportunities are endless!

4. Exercise/ Work-out

It is very important that we try to remain active and not just couch potatoes. You can go for a walk, workout in your backyard or garage, or even your living/bedroom. There are multiple workout resources available for free on YouTube. If it is only 20-30 minutes of some form of activity, it is better than nothing.

5. Enjoy your time at home!

To enjoy yourself, try cooking a new recipe or binge watching your favorite show. Think about something that you really enjoy doing, but did not have time to do it, due to work or school or other time-consuming obligations. Make the best out of your situation by focusing on what you do have and what you can do, rather than the lack!

Hope you all are staying positive!

Please share any of your own things you have been doing as well!

<3 Ju

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